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Please contact me to purchase any of the items from this page (click the Inquire button).  Prices listed do NOT include shipping and handling.

Scout Belt- fits 43.5"-48.5" $110.00
Frazier- fits Colt SAA and clones with up to 5.5" bbl. $100.00
Lined Buttstock Cover- fits model 73 Winchester (6) 44/45 caliber loops $60.00
Cartridge Slide- (6) 44/45 caliber loops, fits 3" wide belt $25.00
Lined Arizona Ranger Belt- fits 35.5"-38.5" with (15) 30-30 caliber loops and (30) 44/45 caliber loops $325.00
Right hand cross draw holster fits Colt SAA and clones, Remingtons, Schofields, and open tops with up to an 8" bbl. Belt fits waist/hip sizes 48"-54" and is 3" wide. Bullet pouch is 4"x4" with 1" gusset. (You can mix-match on the antiqued rigs. I will set price accordingly.) $320.00
1841 Style Cartridge Box (No Inserts) Fits Standard Military Belt $160.00
Confederate Style Cap Pouch with inner flap and ears, Fits Standard Military Belt $85.00
2.5" wide Duke style roughout belt, fits hip/waist measurement of 36"-41" with (20) 44/45 caliber loops $160.00
Pocket Loop style holster, fits Colt SAA and clones with up to a 5.5" bbl. $95.00
Pancake holster fits Ruger LCR with 1.87" bbl. Holster slots fit up to 1.75" pants belt $115.00
Tom Threepersons style holster, fits Ruger GP100 or S&W L Frame with 5" or 4" bbl., fully lined, fits belts up to 3" wide. $120.00
Duke style holster, fits Ruger Single six with 6.5" or 5.5" bbl., fits belts up to 3" wide. $90.00
Segundo style holster, Fits Colt 1911 & reproductions with 5" bbl. fits belts up to 3" wide. $115.00
Shaving Kit Bag, 12" long, 5" wide, 6" tall $250.00
Rough out pancake style holster, double stitched, fits Ruger SP101 withe 3" bbl. $135.00
Rough out pancake style holster, double stitched, fits Ruger SP101 with 2.25" bbl. or Colt Detective Special. $135.00
1880s Pommel bags $675.00
Duke El Dorado Rig, holster is fully lined and fits Colt SAA & clones, and Ruger NMV with 4.75" bbl. Belt fits hip/waist measurement 40"-46" with (25) .45 caliber cartridge loops. $335.00
Pancake Folding Knife Sheath (for larger knives), Your Choice of color $50.00
Western vertical shoulder holster, lined, Fits Magnum Research BFR SHORT Cylinder with 5.5" or 6.5" bbl. $240.00
Elk Stag (hand dyed), Gen 1, Gen 2 Colt SAA (Fitted to my original Great Western Arms SA) Made by Sack Peterson. $94.12
Super Slim Jim Holster firts Colt SAA and Clones with up to a 5.5" bbl. Belt loop fits up to a 3" belt. Right hand straight draw. $100.00
1911 Askin's Style Avenger Holster in Rough Out $125.00